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If you are interested in joining Cuddles & Giggles this fall, please do a submission from the website to secure your spot.  Fall is open for exisiting clients, and new clients.  


Classes are for 1-4 year olds.


9:00-10:15 (The Teddy Bears) 

11:30-12:45 (The Caterpillars) 


9:00-10:15 (The Puppy Dogs) 

11:30-12:45 (The Dinosaurs) 



9/12-9/13 Sunflowers (sunflower w/mini bowtie/sunflower seeds)

9/19-9/20 Barnyard Animals (sheep with cotton balls)

9/26-9/27 Camping (fire on a starry night with tissue paper/mini marshmallows/smore stickers)

10/3-10/4 Fall (old fashioned truck with autumn decorations)

10/10-10/11 Pumpkins (pumpkin w/ seasonal sprinkles and orange poms)

10/17-10/18 Leaves (fall tree with autumn colored plastic circle leaves and glitter leaf foam stickers)

10/24-10/25 Halloween (paper bag haunted house with bats/spiders/Halloween buttons and stickers)

Wear your costume!

10/31-11/1 Trick or Treat (candy corn w/marshmallows/candy corn pieces/yellow candy)

11/7-11/8 Acorns (acorn with autumn colored buttons and fall ribbon)

11/14-11/15 Giving Thanks (turkey with  paper do a dot plate and sparkles)




If you are interested in classes, please e-mail cuddlesandgiggles@outlook.com with the class day and time that interests you and I will be in touch to confirm your spot.

10 Benefits of Mommy & Me Classes

1. Enhances social awareness.

2. Mommy & me classes combat postpartum depression.

3. They teach children about healthy exercise.

4. Leaving the house can feel refreshing.

5. Provides sensory stimulation.

6. Increases confidence.

7. Fosters language development.

8. Allows mom to make connections.

9. Strengthens the parent/child bond.

10. Increases fine and gross motor development.




I am a licensed, Mommy (or Daddy) & Me group specially designed for children ages 1 to 4 years old.  I offer classes with fun, seasonal themes for each age group.  You and your child will meet new friends within our community and participate at their own comfort level. 

The large play area is designed for parent and child to choose different activities for the last 45 minutes of the class.  The first 15 minutes of the class is a structured circle time that includes early education readiness that involves the parachute, songs, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, body parts, animals, and weather. Bubbles, a movement song or game, and a yoga pose will end each class.  Both parent and child will experience the joy of learning through play.

The kids will use the felt board, move with our disco lights and craft using our theme each week. The play area encourages fitness, motor skills, creativity, coordination, sharing, physical development, patience and socialization.  You and your child will dance, sing, roll in our ball pit, jump on our trampoline, grocery shop, cook in the pretend kitchen, play with a variety of toys, enjoy soft play, and play in the indoor treehouse with a slide.  We meet weekly where friendships can be made for yourself and your little one as we all learn together.

Our Image Gallery

Fun, Games and Laughter! Picture a large room filled with bright colors, play equipment and music as you get to play right along side your little one. My goal is to provide a fun, clean and safe environment for you and your child. Come and join us and experience a whole new way to play today!

Two of four shelves filled with many toys Two of three shelves filled with many toys Two of three shelves filled with many toys Two of three shelves filled with many toys The play kitchen with table and loads of pretend food Indoor tree house with slide The ball pit The train table The third shelf filled with a variety of toys The bathroom Our trampoline Our entrance Our fall entrance Teresa Hogan, owner and lead teacher of Cuddles & Giggles, LLC Our gear magnets are great for little scientists Great friendships are made at Cuddles & Giggles Warrenton Santa! Music time Many of our fun toys Many of our fun toys Many of our fun toys Bubbles Moon bounce fun Circle time Sensory bin Cuddles & Giggles Circle time Craft time Craft time Craft time Circle time Free play Free play Duck week Parachute Movement song Movement song Circle time Free play Vacation theme Vacation theme Vacation theme Vacation theme Crafts Parachute Cuddles & Giggles Cuddles & Giggles Cuddles & Giggles Circle time Our kiddos Crafting area Craft time We take our crafts home every class Free play Free play We get to bring our craft home each week The sensory bin is a favorite We get to bring our craft home Circle time Craft time Circle time Craft time

Class Schedule

1. Circle time for the first 15 minutes of class.

2. Parachute play (we’re riding on the parachute for over and under.)

3. "Good morning" song with our class puppet.

4. Letter of the day including our letter soup cans (alphabet song.)

5. Animal of the day (we have an animal of the day-tune of bingo.)

6. Number of the day with our number song (Elmo’s our number today song.)

7. Days of the week song (Adams Family tune for days of the week.)

8. Weather song (what is the weather?)  If sunny, we sing “Mr. Sun, please shine down on me.”

9. Color of the week (Old MacDonald Had Some Colors.)

10. Shape song for shape of the week (I’ve gotta shape, hey, hey.)

11. Months of the year song (tune of 1 little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins.)

12. Mr. Knickerbocker song (body part song.)

13. Seasons song (4 seasons in all song.)

14. Class craft on our theme of the week.

15. Free play for 45 minutes where your child can play whatever they would like from our ball pit to our indoor treehouse.  Or, choose from many of our toys.  This is where moms get to chat with one another while playing right along side of their little one.  Your child will get individually called to the create area during this time to do their themed craft.

16. The disco ball and bubbles turn on.

17. Movement song with a video or a game.

18. Yoga pose of the day and affirmation of the day.

19. Time to pick a treat to end the fun!

Soft Play!

Soft play encourages motor development and jumping/rolling without fear of injury.  It is great for improving coordination, motor skills and imagination. 

Soft play is designed for energetic babies and toddlers. They will be encouraged to climb, explore and learn as they play on the soft play.  It is perfect for crawlers and new walkers to climb and play.

Yoga ends our classes!

I am certified as a yoga instructor and have training for special needs individuals as well. I have helped students with ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder. Yoga practice is all-inclusive and I do incorporate poses and breathing exercises into my mommy & me classes. Yoga increases flexibility, boosts immune system, builds awareness for transformation, encourages self-care as well as sensory processing, gives you inner strength, supports connective tissue and bone health, and builds self-esteem.

Why is Circle Time So Important?

What Children Gain from Circle Time  

How to behave appropriately in a group is a learned skill, which prepares young children for more formal education, for other group activities, and for many experiences in adult life. Everything from social skills to language to empathy can be gained with practice in circle time.

All About Me

My name is Teresa Hogan and I am the owner of Cuddles & Giggles. I opened Cuddles & Giggles in 2020. I grew up in Northern Virginia where I was born and raised. During college, I developed a career as a Paralegal which kept me busy for 12 years until I decided to become a stay at home mom. I have recently transitioned to homeschooling our children as well. I moved to Fauquier County in 2019 with my husband, four children, our cat, our dog and our fish. I am active and enjoy running, yoga, volunteering, concerts, spending time with my family and friends, reading and animal rescue. I love books, candles, interior design, Christmas, Halloween, pumpkins, facials, organizing and log cabins. I have recently became a yoga instructor for special needs children. I am thrilled to be able to be offer this opportunity in our community and I look forward to meeting you and your children!

Class Pricing and Registration

Rates are $16 per class. Additional participating (one year and older) siblings are $12 per child. 

Register for a session by completing the registration section below or sending an e-mail to:


Please include the following:

Your name/child's (children's) name.

E-mail address.

Which class are you interested in attending with day and time.

Pre-registration is required and a confirmation e-mail will be sent.  All payments are due for the session before the first day of your class to secure your spot.





Venmo and Paypal

Contact Us

I will return any call or e-mail within 24 hours.


Please complete the below information and you receive an e-mail confirmation of class registration if space is available. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR ALL THE SESSION'S CLASSES!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a drop-in class?  No, Cuddles & Giggles requires pre-registration.  You must sign a Waiver prior to the beginning of your class.  It is required with no exceptions.

What payments do you accept?  I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo or a check.

Are parents requred to participate?  Yes, this is a parent program.  Everyone wil enjoy the benefit of our class and parents are required to supervise their child at all times.

Are you located in a private home?  Yes, the space is in the lower level of my home.  I do not allow pets in the space but please be aware that a dog and cat live on the upper levels if you suffer from allergies. 

Should we wear a mask during class?  No.

What do I need to bring for class?  Please bring socks for both the parent and the child.

What if I miss a class?  You can make up a class on another day or receive up to two credits for the following session.

What is your refund policy?  Refunds are discussed on a case by case basis.  I will only offer a refund after the first week of classes.

What if there is inclement weather?  In the event there is inclement weather, you will receive a text message from me no later than 7:00 a.m., the day of class to let you know if C&G will be closed.  If my entrance and sidewalks seem unsafe, I will close.  I will add an extra class to the current session at the end to make up the day.

Our Location

Our space is located at 10922 Southcoate Village Drive, Bealeton, Virginia.  We have parking in the front and you may park any where you wish on the street.  You walk to the side yard, go through the fence and go down to the basement entrance.

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